Surprising Things Your Home Insurance Really Covers

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When you purchase home insurance, you expect the policy to cover any damages or losses that may occur at your residence. The policy also offers liability coverage against accidents that occur on the property. But these are just general explanations of what homeowners' insurance covers.

You still need to go through the policy document to know every mishap the insurance provider will cover. In most cases, people get remunerations for incidents they probably never considered. This post will help you discover these occurrences so you can enjoy home insurance benefits fully.

Trampoline Accident

If you have a trampoline in your yard, you will be expected to teach your children safe trampoline practices. This way, they will enjoy their time outdoors whether you are at home or not. 

If your child gets hurt after making an unsafe jump, you may assume that you must take care of the expenses yourself. This isn't necessarily the case. Your home insurance provider may cover a part of the medical expenses and recommend that you enhance the trampoline's safety features or get rid of it to avoid future accidents.

Mysterious Falling Objects

When your home is damaged by an unidentified falling object, you may assume your home insurance policy doesn't cover this expense. But, some insurance providers can reimburse you for personal injuries and property damages that the anonymous falling objects cause. 

Some items that might be sent to your property by other people or naturally by air include burning debris, meteorites, spacecraft or satellite pieces, rocks and ash from a volcanic eruption, and hailstones.

Libel or Slander Lawsuit

While it's not a crime for people to talk, spreading rumors about a particular business, neighbor, or acquaintance could land you in a civil case. The outright defense against libel (written defamation) or slander (oral defamation) is the truth, so the court must see the proof. Your home insurance plan may cover these legal costs whenever you are in this predicament.

Property Loss Away From Home

One of the things your insurance provider will recommend is having a list of all your possessions. This makes it easier to know what needs to be replaced in case of a fire or theft. In some cases, however, you may need to extend the list to include the items you are storing in other locations. For instance, your home insurance may cover objects stored in a storage unit, school lockers, summer camps, college dorms, vehicles, and so on.

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