4 Reasons To Have A Public Adjuster Assist With A Home Insurance Claim

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Filing any sort of insurance claim for damage to your home can be a tense process. That is especially true if the losses were significant or total. If you're worried about making sure that you get the entirety of what your policy owes, it may be wise to hire a public adjuster. This blog will look at four reasons to consider working with one on a home insurance claim.

Second Opinion

Public adjusters can give you a second opinion. If you don't have someone in your corner checking the insurance company's math, then you have to depend on their claims adjuster's reckoning. This might be fine if you're dealing with a few thousand dollars of damage to the porch. If you're looking at hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of damage, though, you'll want to be confident that your insurer got the math right.

Risk of Rejection

The key to a solid insurance claim is to nail down as many of the little details as possible. Otherwise, there is always a risk that the insurer might reject it. If that happens, you may have to ask them to reconsider. Worse, you may have to sue.

Ideally, your claim covers everything so well that the insurer understands and approves. However, you need to be prepared for the possibility that the insurance company will reject the claim. If they do, a public adjuster can help you develop a case.

Volatile Market Conditions

Much of the pricing of home insurance claims boils down to assessing the current market. You will need to know what the market for a home like yours currently is. Likewise, you'll need to assess the market for appropriate contractors. This can be challenging when the market is going up or down quickly. A public adjuster can help you to get the most up-to-the-minute assessment of market conditions in terms of pricing the house and any necessary work.

Government Aid

In some cases, government aid may be available. For example, your state might declare an emergency and make funds available to affected homeowners. Public adjusters can help in these cases because no one else is going to get the process rolling for you. With the support of an adjuster, you can figure out how much of the funds you'll need to tackle your situation.

This is especially important when a location isn't insurable. A house might be in a flood plain, for example. In that scenario, a public adjuster will be critical to pursuing potentially available relief money.

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