Times When You Should Update Your Home Insurance Policy

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Insurance is something that you probably need for several reasons, and one common type is home insurance. If you own a house, you should never go without homeowner's insurance. Once you buy a policy, you should seriously consider updating it when needed. When should you update it? Here are some of the times when updating your home insurance policy is a smart move.

After Remodeling Your Home

When you spend money and time remodeling your home, your house value might increase. When it increases, your current home insurance policy might not offer enough coverage for the new value. Therefore, you should update your home policy anytime you make significant changes to your house. For example, if you put an addition on the home, you should update it. If you renovate the kitchen or bathrooms, you should update it. Updating it after home renovations provides a way to increase your structural coverage.

When You Install Safety Devices

If you decide to install safety devices in your home, you should also contact your home insurance company. Safety devices make a home safer, which might lead to a decrease in your insurance premiums. For example, if you put a security system in your home, it can reduce the risks of vandalism and break-ins. As a result, your insurance company might offer a discount to you.

When You Purchase Major Assets

The next situation that requires an update to your home insurance is when you buy major assets. For example, are you planning on putting in a swimming pool? If so, you might need extra coverage for the pool. You might also need to increase your liability insurance coverage with your plan.

If you buy new furniture, a new gun, or anything else, you might also want to add riders or increase your personal property coverage. If you are unsure if something you bought requires adding more coverage to your home insurance plan, contact an insurance agent to learn more.


If nothing major changes in your life over the year, you should still update your plan at least once a year. By updating it annually, you can have the right protection for your house and the things you own.

If you are ready to update your policy or purchase a plan from a different company, contact a home insurance agent. A home insurance agent can help you obtain all the right coverages for your home and life.